Monday, December 28, 2015

Back to Uganda

Hey everyone!!  Sorry about not emailing last week.  A week ago, we went to a safari national park called Akagera.  Spent the whole day driving around and gazing at magnificent beasts.  We saw zebras, giraffes, water buffalo, elephants(one of them charged at us), and other animals that reminds us of the circle of life.  We had a great time and we were super exhausted at the end of the day.  Gotta love serving the Lord in Africa. 
    Anyways, a lot has been going on.  First of all, Elder Osei-Tutu in our zone got his appendix removed.  The poor soul.  Went through a lot of pain, and had to deal with a lot, but he got the surgery and he's good as new,...... well almost.  He still has to rest all the time, so we work with his companion in their area sometimes.  He's doing good, but we lost the branch vs. missionary soccer match because of it.
     As we all know, Christmas went right by and we had an enjoyable time over here in Rwanda.  The mission president and wife came to visit us to do a zone conference and to have a Christmas party.  It was great because we ate a lot of great food, and it was nice to have company when we are so far away from the rest of the mission. 
   About 2 Sundays ago, Isabelle and Mignonne got baptized!!! Super excited for them.  We found Isabelle just in contacting on the street and she was super interested in the church.  she even wanted her daughter to get baptized so she waited for her to return from school.  They both have powerful testimonies, and what a blessing it is to witness the change in someone's life, because we decided to follow the spirit and do the Lord's work. 
     Well not to much else going on.  But there is one change.  I'm being taken out of Rwanda and going to Uganda again.  I have loved and enjoyed my time with these people and I know that the church is in good hands with the faithful members of the church.  But now I have a new chapter.  I've been called to be an assistant to the mission president so I'm heading back to Kampala.  I'm nervous and excited with this new calling but I know that if I put my trust in the Lord, He will make a difference in my life and in the lives of others.  I love you all, I hope you had a merry Christmas, and have a happy new year!!!

Elder Wilson

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Merry Christmas 2015

Christmas time, and what a blessing to spend it in warm humid weather.  This week we have been seeing a lot of blessings.  Life is same old same old over here and the work is getting better and better. 
      This next Sunday, Isabelle and Mignonne are planning on being baptized!! super excited for them, they have such a strong testimony and they are ready to make these covenants with their Heavenly Father.  Plus another bonus is that they have made a lot of friends at church.  So it should be a super great Sunday coming up. 
    Also, we have found a super great guy who is really interested in the church.  His name is Arsene and he has a baptism date for the 27th.  We are super excited for him because he's such a powerful investigator.  He loves the church and he told us that at church, he feels the most love.  He continues to read the Book of Mormon, and he even reminds us of his baptism day.  Many more people we are working with and helping to enter the waters of baptism. 
      Even this last week I went on exchanges with the other elders in one of the other branches.  Something that really caught my attention was that we focused on teaching people why we as missionaries do anything.  Why we teach, why we follow the Savior, why read the Book of Mormon.  It really made a difference in the Spirit during our lessons and we definitely enjoyed working in the Lord's Vineyard. 
     Nothing much else to report.  I just truly love the Savior.  My relationship with Him has grown tremendously.  There are many instances and times where I make mistakes that pull me away from Him, but the scriptures teach us, that the arm of the Lord is always extended towards us.  Through His suffering, we can find peace, and with His stripes, we are healed.  The church is true, Joseph Smith was and is a true prophet, and the Book of Mormon is the word of God.   Merry Christmas everyone, and Remember Him. 

Elder Wilson

Jimmy got his call to Johannesburg South Africa Mission
Pedal boda selfie

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Choose to be happy

What a blessed time to be in Rwanda for the work of the Lord.  We've been seeing a lot of success and our numbers have been going up.  The branch is super excited to get involved in helping the Kigali 2 branch to grow.  And being a missionary here is great, but lately, I've caught a nasty cold, which has been quite the stumbling block for me, but the work moves on.  The church is very new so a lot of people get interested.  There's a lot to be done here in Rwanda and I'm prepared to do whatever the Lord would have me do. 
      On Sunday, we had a baptism for Miracle, and it was just super great.  She was supposed to be baptized last Sunday with her other two siblings, but she had a school conference she had to go to.  Everyone was very supportive and we just love seeing how this branch is growing.  The goal for this recent convert family is to get them in the temple sealed next year.  Their faith is so strong and it's families like theirs that helps the church to be strong in this part of the world. 
     On another note, we got a referral from one of the members of a woman who really wants to get baptized and she loves the church so much.  We met with her to schedule out her baptism and she talked about how she was getting a lot of negative responses from her family and work mates.  With tears in her eyes, she would tell us how she would stand up for her faith.  She told us that she knew that the church was true and it's testimonies like these that open my eyes to the bigger picture, of how real the gospel is, and how there will always have to be persecution because it is true.  The Book of Mormon talks about how there is opposition in all things.  If everyone flocked to the truth and there was no opposition to the truth, there would be no point in this probationary state that we are in.  There has to be opposition, with out it, we can't be like our Heavenly Father. 
     Something that I've been trying to do more of on mission and in life is to just be happy, to enjoy life, and just to be more positive in every single thing.  Probably my favorite scripture in the Book of Mormon reads in 2 Nephi 5:27 "And it came to pass that we lived after the manner of happiness."  Such a small scripture but it has so much depth and meaning behind it.  Happiness is a choice.  And when we live after that manner, good happens in all aspects.  No one said that life would be easy, but when we choose to be happy, we live after the manner of godliness.  I love the scriptures and I love the true gospel of Jesus Christ.  It's not only change the lives of others but it has changed my life exceedingly.  I know who I am, and I know my eternal goals.  And when we focus our whole lives in achieving these eternal goals, that's when we can easily live after the manner of happiness.  I love you all, the church is true, and remember who you are and what you stand for.

Elder Wilson

Miracle's Baptism
Chef Boyardee up in here
New friend Carlos

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Second Home

What a great week!  A lot of things happened that is making the work go smoother.  We've had some improvements in our teaching pool and overall we are just enjoying the work and the rain.  I'm starting to get more and more adjusted to the culture every day, and I'm developing this great love for the people.  The branch that I'm in is super great.  They are excited about missionary work and they all love the gospel so much.  Elder Beck and I are working hard to help the branch to grow and have a firm foundation to build on. 
      There's this one family that we are working on right now.  We've been teaching Isabelle who has been taught by us for some time. She's ready for baptism and her daughter, Mignonne, is home from school and she even wants to be taught as well.  It's actually a great story.  When Mignonne was younger, she wanted to be baptized in one of the churches close by, but Isabelle said she felt prompted that she should make Mignonne wait until she was 18 to be baptized into a proper church.  So just before she turned 18 and came back from school, Isabelle ran into us, we taught her, and she feels like this is the church she's been looking for her and for her daughter.  Super powerful stuff.
    This past week, the mission flew me in to Uganda for a mission leaders council.  It was really great to see my friends back in Uganda and to just be in the country that I'm used to.  We had a powerful meeting that really helped all of us to work diligently to hit our goals for the rest of the year.  We talked a lot about how we can help the families that we are teaching to come to church and what we can do to strengthen the branches where we are serving.  Great meeting, a lot of the spirit, and new goals that we are setting. 
     This past Sunday, Peace and Heritier were baptized!!  Super great stuff.  It was a powerful baptism service.  The one that was supposed to baptize them apparently wasn't prepared to do it, so I had to step and and do it myself.  It's like I say, if you want something done, you gotta do it yourself sometimes.  Just joking, but it was super great.  The family was super happy, but one of the siblings, Miracle, was also supposed to be baptized but she had a special conference so she's getting baptized this Sunday.  Super exciting.  I love this work, because it changes peoples lives, it brings them closer to God, and it makes the world a better place.  There's nothing I'd rather be doing than this, and I thank my Heavenly Father for sending me here, where I have found my second home.  I love you all and don't wait to make a change in your life that will bring you happiness.

Elder Wilson

Ye Elders
My apartment

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Thanksgiving Week

Another week has gone by and we are looking into Thanksgiving this Thursday!  Think about the things that you are grateful for in your life.  As for me, I'm grateful for the work of the Lord, I'm grateful for the time that I have to serve the people of East Africa, and I'm grateful for the Atonement of Christ to help me reach where I am in my life. 
    This week has been kind of a strange one.  For one thing,.... I may or may not have sprained my ankle last Pday.  It was pretty difficult to walk on so the medical advisors told me to rest it for two days.  And one thing I can testify of is that not working is THE WORST.  I hope I never have to go through that again.  Right now it's still a little tender, but I'm out and about inviting people to come unto Christ.  We've been seeing a lot of great things happen this week.  Many fruits have come out of our labors.  Usually throughout the week, we will go contacting in the city of Kigali and most of the time we run into people who only know French or Kinyarwanda.  We always try to invite them to come to church the best way that we can.  And on Sunday, a couple of people came that we contacted!  Super great stuff.  This next Sunday we have three baptisms for Peace, Miracle, and Heritier.  Siblings who love the Lord and want to make covenants with him.  Should be good.  This past Sunday, I was asked to give a talk on missionary work for the branch.  In Rwanda, they always have someone translating throughout the meeting. So it was a first for me, but I could tell that they have received some motivation and inspiration to work harder in their missionary duties.  I'm really loving the branch, and I've been able to get along with them super quickly.  I'm just enjoying my time helping this small branch to grow. 
    Today, the missionaries in Rwanda went to the Kigali Genocide Memorial.  It is a burial place and memorial exhibition for those who have lost their lives in the genocide.  It was quite eye opening to see the pain, sorrow, and trauma that the Rwandese suffered through.  Before, I knew about the genocide from a movie I watched in one of my history classes in high school called Hotel Rwanda.  It took place in the middle of the genocide and it was about a courageous man who was apart of the dominant ethnicity of Rwanda who protected and hid many of the oppressed ethnicity, including his own wife and kids.  Being able to see and understand what really went on opened my thoughts on the people here of the dark past they have been through.  I continually think of the Book of Mormon where it reads that God lets the righteous to be destroyed by the wicked so the faithful can rest with the Lord and the wicked will be judged for such abominations at the last day.  I love the gospel more than anything because it helps us to have that eternal perspective of God's plans and works.  Everyone has challenges in their family and in their lives at some point, but through the gospel, the atonement carries us to a more glorious plane of thought.  I'm grateful for the Savior and the sacrifice he made, to take upon himself the pain, sorrow, and horror that all of His children have gone through.  And I'm grateful for the opportunity I have to be an effective servant and messenger of the healing power of the atonement.  Remember the blessings you have.  Be disciplined, work hard, and show gratitude to God for the blessings He has given you.  Count your many blessings.

Elder Wilson

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

1st week in Rwanda

Hey internet it super slow in this cafe, but I've been about a week in
Rwanda and it's super great.  There was a culture shock that I went
through because here, there are paved roads, it's super clean, people
drive on the right side of the road (which is really weird for me),
and everyone either speaks french, Swahili or Kinyarwanda.  But I love
it, we had a baptism for a man named Alphonse and it was super
powerful because his family, who has been pretty reluctant with us,
came and saw the baptism.  Super excited for this transfer and looking
forward to helping the Kigali 2 branch grow.

Elder Wilson

The view of the rolling hills.
Alphonse got baptized.
Got an ingrown toenail so I got it worked on.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Transfer to Rwanda

Well, the next transfer is here.  I'll be leaving Mukono and I'm actually heading out of the country to serve in Rwanda.  I'll be the only Zone Leader over there, and I'm finishing Elder Beck's training.  So, you can say that I'm pretty stoked, but I'm pretty bummed out that I'm leaving Mukono.  When you stay in an area for long enough, you develop a strong relationship with them that is just so binding.  I'm really excited for this new challenge, and I know that this is the time for me to really help the missionaries in Rwanda achieve the best.  Just a short letter because I don't have too much time.  I love you all, the Redeemer lives.

Elder Wilson

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Christlike Attributes

Not to much to bring up, except we just had a super busy week full of rain.  On Wednesday, we had a mission leaders council at the mission home.  A lot of great and inspiring counsel was given to us to prepare us to achieve our mission goal for the year.  The spirit was super strong and it was definitely a testimony builder.  Then on Friday, we had interviews with our mission president, and the whole focus was on Christlike Attributes on how we can develop them and improve in each attribute that Christ has.  I'm super thankful for the attributes that I'm developing right now and the ones that I need improvement on.  Next week is transfers and there's going to be a lot of changes, next week I will let ya'll know where I'm headin.  Thanks for reading.  Sorry this week it's short but I have pictures so it's ok I hope.
Elder Wilson

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Raining every day

What a rainy, muddy, and soaking week we've been given.  Just rain every day, so that means muddy clothes and wet missionaries.  But all in all, the work continues and the time is now to invite souls to come unto Christ.  Just recently we watched General Conference here and it was just amazing to be apart of the 3 new apostles receiving their callings.  Such a spiritually uplifting conference especially for being a missionary.  I seriously love the counsel of the leaders of the Church because they open our eyes to our true potential. 
    This week has been great, we had a baptism for Mark Mugerwa who was a referral from one of the priests in the ward.  With that support system that he has and the desire and faith that has grown, he was willing and prepared to make a covenant with God.  Mikey just recently turned 16 so he was able to baptize him, such a great moment and we are grateful for the faith of these 2.
     There's really not much else to report.  But I'm just grateful for the Atonement of the Savior.  Just to reflect upon how much love and sacrifice was made for us to have our burdens lifted and sins taken away helps me to remember that with God, anything is possible.  I just pray that I'm qualified to open the doors of salvation for others through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Through thoughtful prayer and study, I've gained a testimony of the resurrection of the Lord.  I know for myself that the tomb is empty and that the tomb echoes the truth and reality of the resurrection today and forever, for that I'm grateful.  This work is not to change lives, but to change destinies.  Love you all, have a great week.

Elder Wilson

James wearing a groovy sweater in the hot weather
How we bond in our district
Mark and Mikey
Baptism pic

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Lost Muzungu

What a great week.  A lot of interesting things going on and just great lessons to be learned.  For one thing, we've been having thunderstorms like crazy over here and it gets to the point where you wake up in the middle of he night with water pouring in from the windows and your room starts to leak because of poorly built windows.  But it's just nice to have some rain.  Something that my companion and I have been doing is a lot of finding and we set a return appointment.  We called one guy and asked to come and visit him.  His response, "Mama is not around.... and I... am drunk"  Came to visit and taught him the word of wisdom.  Also, another funny story, we were driving through Kampala which is super difficult and I got confused and I drove down a one way street the opposite direction.  Super stressful and a lot of people were pointing at me, laughing and telling me I'm a lost muzungu.  So, not the best experience but it's something That I will tell my kids someday.  Just a lot of crazy things happening and we are excited for general conference we get to watch.  Anyways, not much else to talk about and I'm running out of time.  Have a great week and enjoy the life that you have.

Elder Wilson
George got baptized!!!!
Just other pictures

Monday, October 12, 2015


Such a blessing to be apart of this work. Today however, I don't have enough time to write, but the work is going forward here.  There are a lot of good things happening and a lot of miracles being seen.  I hope you all have a great week and remember the church is true.

Elder Wilson

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Greenie in the house

What a great start to the transfer.  First week down, and a lot of nice things happening.  This transfer, our district leader got a new missionary.  His name is Elder Ray from Portland, Oregon and he's just full of excitement and energy.  It's really nice to have a greenie in the house, because they bring a bright spirit into the work.  The last time I had a greenie in the house was when I trained and that was like 9 months ago.  We are happy to have him and we are excited to see what he can do. 
     Being with Elder Njoko for another transfer is something that I'm content with.  Being my 5th transfer in Mukono, the time is just going by way too fast.  We've been doing a lot of finding each day and we are looking forward to the people that we will be teaching.  We had one experience where we went to a scheduled appointment with a family from South Sudan, and the jaja(grandma) was the only one there and when she saw us, she screamed and started running everywhere in the house.  She kept speaking to us in Arabic but we had no clue.  Startled me a lot because the last time we saw her she was fine and normal.  I think she might be having some mental problems, but we just push on.  Something else is that language here is different from language back home.  On fast and testimony sunday, a 16 year old Aaronic Priesthood holder stood at the pulpit and talked about a tv show where he gave the dialogue and a good portion of it was saying the f word.  He said it about 10 times, and my mission ears are not accustomed so I was crying inside a little.  I can't really think of anything crazy that happened besides those two experiences.
     Our teaching pool has been a little up and down, but we are making sure that we are consistently finding new people to teach.  Some good things that we have been seeing is that there are youth that are inviting their friends to church and they have the desire to be baptized.  This is great because we have a short supply of aaronic priesthood holders.  George and Mark are two young men that are planning for baptism on the 18th of October (Holy cow it's already october).  Anyways, we are excited to help them come unto Christ. 
     Mission is weird.  You change in a way that you don't realize until you find yourself living in a way that you never knew you could.  I've learned so much on my mission about myself, characteristics and attributes that I've unlocked that make me to become more like Christ.  I love this work and I love the Savior.  He is the Master and I'm on His errand.  Have a great week everyone and count your many blessings.

Elder Wilson

Monday, September 28, 2015

Staying in Mukono

What a blessing to live another transfer.  We just got news that I'm staying in Mukono for my 5th transfer with Elder Njoko.  It's actually pretty eye opening to think that I'm still on my second area in Africa and I'm almost three quarters done.  But nonetheless, the Lord has reasons for me to stay and I'm grateful that I continue to have the opportunity to serve other missionaries.  This past week was quite the close to the transfer.  We had our mission leaders council and we have been able to gain plenty of insights as to how we can help our missionaries to meet our goals, considering that we are coming close to the end of the year. 
    This week, something new that I've done is that I accidentally ran over a chicken.  It was crazy too, there were feathers everywhere, people were cryin, and there was just one less chicken to worry about in the world.  But other than that, we've been having some pretty good rainfall over here, which can be a blessing if there is not too much.  But even this past week, we've been doing a lot of finding for potential families and investigators that want to hear the gospel.  Our teaching pool has dropped a little bit, but we are looking hopeful into this next transfer. 
    Other than that, we are pushing the work forward over here.  I'm so grateful for the opportunity that I have to serve here in this part of the world and there's still so much to accomplish.  And we are here in the world to not just do our will but the Father who sent us.  I love you all have a great week!

Elder Wilson                                             
                                                     District t-shirts
                                                    Leaders of the mission
                                                       sleepin big

Monday, September 21, 2015

6 months in Mokono

Another blessed week in the UKM.  The week went by incredibly fast, but it was filled with many wonderful experiences going about serving the Lord.  We are entering into the last week of the transfer and we still got a lot of work to do.  In the Mukono Zone, we have a baptismal goal of 119 for the year and we are very close to hitting it, and as a zone, we've been seeing a lot of improvements in all aspects of the work. 
   Just recently we got a referral named Rajab from one of the members in the ward for a man that stays about a 20 min drive away from Mukono, who also works at a gas station.  We went out to visit him and it turns out he has a family, and even neighbors who want to hear what we have to say.  We have been teaching them and encouraging them (probably you could say we were exhorting them) to prepare for baptism.  And the great thing is that on Sunday they all came to church! except for rajab because he couldn't get out of work.  But it's truly a blessing to see people act on the faith that they gain. 
    Something that had really discouraged me is that we've been trying to meet with a recent convert of ours that we haven't seen in 3 months.  He has a sister who is a member that came to church and told us that that he and his other sister who is also a member, talked to a pastor who was calling the church a cult and talked all this nonsense that scared them from coming to church.  We've been trying to meet with them, but they won't even pick our calls.  What keeps going through my mind is how Lehi envisioned how people would taste of the fruit of the tree of life, but then become ashamed because of the world mocking them and pointing at them.  That's why it's important to hold on to the truth when you have it and hold fast to the iron rod. 
     This past week, I've been learning more about how I can be a more faithful missionary.  Because there are times where no matter what, I just feel like a mediocre missionary.  But I've learned that it all comes with diligence in what we do.  If we do what we do with all of our heart, might, mind and strength, then we will understand and recognize the fruits of our labors.  I'm grateful for the time I have to serve the Lord and it's through His Atonement that I may be found spotless at the last day, when it comes to living the gospel and staying true to it.  I love you all, and have a great week!

Elder Wilson                      

                                        Found a rabbit and named it Cornelius. I'ts a girl rabbit.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Book of Mormon

What a great week.  A lot of challenges and a lot of success.  We've been working hard towards improving the spiritual game for the missionaries in the Mukono Zone and we are seeing some improvements.  This week my companion and I have been working hard to find new investigators to teach, and that comes with finding, street contacting, tracting, and referrals.  The bummer thing about that is that you will find people that will get your hopes up and then they end up denying your calls and avoiding you like nothing.  But that is where we are in the UKM.  We are getting towards the end of the year, so we are trying all that we can to hit our goals and work extra hard to do so. 
     Just recently, we had a zone conference in Kampala and the whole focus was on the importance of the Book of Mormon.  We talked about what it means to declare the divinity of the Book of Mormon to everyone.  We have the unique message of the Restoration and with it, the Book of Mormon.  A stumbling block that we have here is teaching people that we are not like these other churches, but we are the true church of Jesus Christ.  Through the Book of Mormon, we are able to give evidence of that.  We discussed a lot about how we can incorporate it more in our teaching and something we learned that everything hangs on the Book of Mormon and I mean EVERYTHING.  And the most important thing we can do about it is gain a testimony of it and share it with the world.
    This past Sunday, Mary got baptized!  She was a referral from two deacons at church and it's just the greatest thing, because these deacons are trying to get all of their friends to come and get baptized.  We also see like 3 more children at church every Sunday.  If we can get the whole church to be like these deacons, we will see the world change for the better and we will see the work move forward.
   Thanks for reading these emails.  I hope someone is getting some good use out of them.  But know that all is well in Mukono and the work is rolling forth and covering not only in Uganda but the whole earth.  Have a great week!!

Elder Wilson

Zone Conference pic
Mary's baptism
Ntambi, Mary, and Kafelo
Eatin big at zone activity

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Exchanges in Lugazi

What a week.  A lot of shortcomings, but a lot of learning.  It's now halfway through the transfer and the work has been a little slow lately.  But I'm truly grateful for the experiences that I have to make me a better missionary.  We've found some pretty good people to teach this past week and we've been inviting them to make a change in their lives for the better.  The problem though is that they are saying that they want that change but then they just don't do anything to get it.  This past Sunday, I felt pretty disappointed at those that we were teaching that said they would come to church and they didn't.  I don't usually get disappointed, but it just hit me pretty hard.  But you know what they say,.... some will some won't, so what?  someone is waiting. 
    Recently, my companion and I went on exchanges with the elders in Lugazi.  It was just a really interesting day.  In the area I went to, we experienced persecution and just critical people.  Here in Uganda, people are generally humble, so it was kind of a wake up call to me to experience something like that.  But I always remember that as disciples of Christ, we have to experience a small token of the struggles and trials that He went through.  But all in all, we kept our heads high, and focused on the bare essentials. It even rained a lot unexpectedly and just walking through it got me pretty sick, so...... double wammy. 
      Other than that, we are enjoying the work and we are grateful for the Lord and His gospel.  Have a great week everyone and enjoy the blessings in your lives.

Elder Wilson

Thursday, September 3, 2015

English Class

What a blessed time to be here in Uganda.  the work is pushing forward, and plenty of miracles are out and about.  Something amazing that we've seen is that in the ward, we had 13 investigators come to church.  We have a lot of those 13 preparing for baptism and it looks really good for the ward.  Something that we have a hard time in this mission is the language barrier.  This is an english speaking mission, but there's only a handful that know english fluently.  Something that the ward has put together is an english literacy class to teach english for free to investigators and new members.  Everyone is excited for it and it looks like we will have a lot more people attending church.  A miracle that we have seen is that one night my companion and i decided to go contacting outside of the church.  I talked to this one man and he shared with me how he had a rough life and he's a single parent with two daughters.  We set a return appointment and he had to bounce us a couple of times, but we eventually got to teach him and the family.  We taught him about the Restoration of the gospel and the spirit was filled in the room.  I could just tell that the spirit touched his heart so strongly and the humility he showed was inspiring.  we invited him to church.  He came super late to sacrament meeting but it was only because he had a program before church and after he was planning on picking up his daughters.  His commitment just makes me super happy.  I'm loving the work that is going on and the spirit of the Lord that leads and guides it.  I just feel very blessed to know that I have done some good in the world. 

Elder Wilson

                                             Stickin my hand down a morgue drain.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Learning and the Spirit

What a week filled with learning and the spirit.  I love serving out here in this wonderful country with these different humble people.  There's a lot of reliance on the Lord and a lot of growth spiritually.  Even though our numbers were not the best this week, we had a lot of experiences that tested our faith and our diligence.  I've come to really appreciate the Atonement that was made for us to overcome our weakness to help us return to live with our Heavenly Father.  Because of transfers, we had to make sure each district was settled in with new missionaries and now we are starting the work hard this transfer.  
    On Sunday, Rachel Nakandi was baptized, she's like the African grandma that I never had, but her love for the gospel and the Savior is a light to the people around her. Her english may not be the best, but she loves the path that she has taken to follow the Savior.  
    Not much else to report on, but just know that the work of God is like a stone cut out without hands rolling forth throughout the earth.  Jesus Christ is the Son of the living God, and His church and the blessings and authority are restored to the Earth.  Have a fun-filled week!
Elder Wilson

Monday, August 17, 2015

New transfer and staying in Mukono

The transfer is over and the new transfer has just begun.  So I'll be staying in Mukono with my companion Elder Njoko, basically the whole district is the same and we are all super unified so we are super stoked.  Being in Mukono has strengthened me so much and I've learned so much in this short amount of time of serving here.  Now I get to continue learning and I'm loving it each day.   This past sunday we had a couple of baptisms and the spirit was so strong there.  So many investigators have come to witness and there was an influencing spirit that was found.  It sparked a lot of interest in those who are interested in the church so it is a great start to this next transfer.  So I don't have that much time to write but something interesting that happened was that a guy tried to sell me weed, and he really wanted me to have it.  Never thought something like that would happen, but that's a mission.  Have a great week!  Be blessed!

Elder Wilson