Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Lost Muzungu

What a great week.  A lot of interesting things going on and just great lessons to be learned.  For one thing, we've been having thunderstorms like crazy over here and it gets to the point where you wake up in the middle of he night with water pouring in from the windows and your room starts to leak because of poorly built windows.  But it's just nice to have some rain.  Something that my companion and I have been doing is a lot of finding and we set a return appointment.  We called one guy and asked to come and visit him.  His response, "Mama is not around.... and I... am drunk"  Came to visit and taught him the word of wisdom.  Also, another funny story, we were driving through Kampala which is super difficult and I got confused and I drove down a one way street the opposite direction.  Super stressful and a lot of people were pointing at me, laughing and telling me I'm a lost muzungu.  So, not the best experience but it's something That I will tell my kids someday.  Just a lot of crazy things happening and we are excited for general conference we get to watch.  Anyways, not much else to talk about and I'm running out of time.  Have a great week and enjoy the life that you have.

Elder Wilson
George got baptized!!!!
Just other pictures

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