Monday, April 27, 2015

Praying for more missionaries!

What's up everybody,
   What a week.  There has been a lot of ups and downs.  A lot of our investigators are dropping off the face of the Earth but we are continuing to find.  Especially since this past week, we've been busy with driving into the city a couple of days and having to do some errands.  But we are trying our best to keep the work moving forward.  On this past Sunday, we were finally able to watch General Conference, and it was super powerful.  So many questions answered and so many insights have been recognized.  I love and sustain the general authorities because their counsel has guided me in my life, and my faith continues to grow when I hear their words.  
       Just last week on Friday, my companion and I and Sister Kipwola the sister training leader went to the mission leaders council held at the mission home.  The zone leaders and sister training leaders were instructed and edified by our mission president about what we need to teach the missionaries in our zones.  Something was talked about that I really thought about was how the mission is the university of life.  The mission teaches you everything you need to know to succeed.  And he has been stressing that missionaries that are not obedient, go home and have learned nothing about how to push their lives forward.  I've felt like I have learned the most in my life from my mission.  Not just knowledge, but I have learned what it takes to be an influential and righteous person.  Something else that he talked about was how over the next 3 transfers, we are going to be losing about 54 missionaries and we will receive about 32 brand new missionaries.  That's going to mean that we will have to close 12 areas.  It pains me to see that a lot of people throughout the countries of Uganda, Ethiopia, and Rwanda, there will have less missionaries to bring into the fold.  We are praying all of the time that the mission will receive more missionaries later this year.  
      I love to be a missionary.  Because I feel that through obedience and efforts to serve, my conversion and testimony are strengthened.  And to be clear, a mission is not easy.  It's a struggle, we almost never get our way, but we learn that we are merely instruments, we are not the ones to choose what happens, but we are there to do the work of the Lord.  I'm so grateful for the gospel in my life, and I can't imagine what my life would be like without it.  I love you all so much.  Always know that I'm loving life and loving the work.  

Elder Wilson

Monday, April 20, 2015

1st Week - New Area

Hey everyone!
     This week was a great experience for me.  A lot of changes, but a lot of blessings coming our way.  Getting to know the area has been awesome and I'm really loving the People here.  We've been working with some people to help prepare them for baptism.  
     Dorothy is an amazing person and she really loves to learn about the church.  the past couple of weeks, she's been saying that she would come to church but something has been coming up.  So we visited her and taught her the importance of keeping the Sabbath day holy.  And can you believe it, she came, and she even came earlier than us.  She loved church and she is excited for the general conference broadcast coming up this weekend.  It was funny though because her only concern was that we sing a lot at church.  She will learn that members of the church don't joke around when it comes to singing.  
       Isaiah is another prepared person that is preparing to be baptized in May.  Apparently before I got to Mukono, he's been having the desire to get baptized, but his only problem was that he was living with his girlfriend.  But just when I arrived to the area, he told us that he found a new place to stay so that he could be keeping the Law of Chastity.  What a powerful guy.  He even came to church and enjoyed the service.  I'm really excited for this guy to get baptized and he's totally prepared to be make covenants with God. 
     Being in a new leadership position, I'm coming to understand the importance of love and confidence in the work.  Sometimes, I think I'm not qualified yet for the position I have, but I'm learning that experience and confidence comes with time, and the Lord qualifies his servants.  My biggest focus is encouraging the missionaries in my zone to do the best that they can and to achieve the goals that the mission has set.  I'm looking forward to the rest of this transfer and I'm loving the time I have on my mission.  I know that this is the most important work that anyone could do.  I was listening to a talk the other day and Jefferey R Holland talked about how missionaries can find struggles and challenges in the work and they don't know why.  He said that part of being a disciple of Christ is to go through just a small portion of the pain and disappointment that He went through.  I know that being a missionary is tough, I admit it's not easy.  But when we focus on the salvation of others and the opportunity that people have to achieve true and lasting happiness in this life and in the life to come, helps us to know how important missionary work truly is.  I'm excited to watch the General Conference Broadcast this weekend and to receive spiritual guidance as an individual, and as a missionary.  I truly love my Savior and the sacrifice that he went through for every single person.  This is His work and it will never fail.  It only fails if we quit. 
      I love you all and have an amazing and fantastic week!!
Elder Wilson
Pic, found a friend

Friday, April 10, 2015


Hey everyone! 
    I hope everyone is doing great and had a fantastic Easter.  As for me, we had two eating appointments, so Easter was dang good.  This week was a littl bit rough becuase our investigators are not making church their first priority.  We've been doing finding through tracting but we have a lot of Muslims in our area.  and it's somehow hard to teach muslims.  But overall, there is a lot that needs improvement in our area.  and we are making sure that this area of Kajjansi is well taken care of.  I've been working on focusing my efforts on using the spirit and it's not an easy thing to do.  It requires diligence, obedience, and continuous charity.  It's so important to have the spirit with us always to lead us and guide us in our lives.  This easter, I've been reflecting on the sacrifice that was made by the Savior.  It was an extreme expression of love towards all of us and our Father in Heaven, and becuase of his resurrection, we are offered the gift of eternal life.  One evening, we went with the Branch President to go and visit a family that are friends of his that are not members of the church.  We visited them and shared a small Easter message and read from the account of John about the resurrection of Christ.  The spirit filled the room and the family was moved by the message.  No doubt their increased love for the Savior was strengthened and they have a desire to learn more about the church.  I love this gospel and I love the scriptures so much.  It gives me a sense of direction and guidance in my life.  The message which us missionaries hold is the eternal truth that can never die.  Recently I finished reading Jesus the Christ by Elder Talmage and my personal relationship and knowledge of his divinity has strengthened exceedlingly.  I can't wait to watch General Conference on april 25 to receive the guidance and direction given to us from our Heavenly Father through his ordained and chosen servants.  I love you all and I hope you all have a fantastic week!
Elder Wilson
Ma boi captain getting a haircut
Mugala and I at Lake Victoria