Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Exchanges in Lugazi

What a week.  A lot of shortcomings, but a lot of learning.  It's now halfway through the transfer and the work has been a little slow lately.  But I'm truly grateful for the experiences that I have to make me a better missionary.  We've found some pretty good people to teach this past week and we've been inviting them to make a change in their lives for the better.  The problem though is that they are saying that they want that change but then they just don't do anything to get it.  This past Sunday, I felt pretty disappointed at those that we were teaching that said they would come to church and they didn't.  I don't usually get disappointed, but it just hit me pretty hard.  But you know what they say,.... some will some won't, so what?  someone is waiting. 
    Recently, my companion and I went on exchanges with the elders in Lugazi.  It was just a really interesting day.  In the area I went to, we experienced persecution and just critical people.  Here in Uganda, people are generally humble, so it was kind of a wake up call to me to experience something like that.  But I always remember that as disciples of Christ, we have to experience a small token of the struggles and trials that He went through.  But all in all, we kept our heads high, and focused on the bare essentials. It even rained a lot unexpectedly and just walking through it got me pretty sick, so...... double wammy. 
      Other than that, we are enjoying the work and we are grateful for the Lord and His gospel.  Have a great week everyone and enjoy the blessings in your lives.

Elder Wilson

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