Monday, August 17, 2015

New transfer and staying in Mukono

The transfer is over and the new transfer has just begun.  So I'll be staying in Mukono with my companion Elder Njoko, basically the whole district is the same and we are all super unified so we are super stoked.  Being in Mukono has strengthened me so much and I've learned so much in this short amount of time of serving here.  Now I get to continue learning and I'm loving it each day.   This past sunday we had a couple of baptisms and the spirit was so strong there.  So many investigators have come to witness and there was an influencing spirit that was found.  It sparked a lot of interest in those who are interested in the church so it is a great start to this next transfer.  So I don't have that much time to write but something interesting that happened was that a guy tried to sell me weed, and he really wanted me to have it.  Never thought something like that would happen, but that's a mission.  Have a great week!  Be blessed!

Elder Wilson

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