Sunday, December 20, 2015

Merry Christmas 2015

Christmas time, and what a blessing to spend it in warm humid weather.  This week we have been seeing a lot of blessings.  Life is same old same old over here and the work is getting better and better. 
      This next Sunday, Isabelle and Mignonne are planning on being baptized!! super excited for them, they have such a strong testimony and they are ready to make these covenants with their Heavenly Father.  Plus another bonus is that they have made a lot of friends at church.  So it should be a super great Sunday coming up. 
    Also, we have found a super great guy who is really interested in the church.  His name is Arsene and he has a baptism date for the 27th.  We are super excited for him because he's such a powerful investigator.  He loves the church and he told us that at church, he feels the most love.  He continues to read the Book of Mormon, and he even reminds us of his baptism day.  Many more people we are working with and helping to enter the waters of baptism. 
      Even this last week I went on exchanges with the other elders in one of the other branches.  Something that really caught my attention was that we focused on teaching people why we as missionaries do anything.  Why we teach, why we follow the Savior, why read the Book of Mormon.  It really made a difference in the Spirit during our lessons and we definitely enjoyed working in the Lord's Vineyard. 
     Nothing much else to report.  I just truly love the Savior.  My relationship with Him has grown tremendously.  There are many instances and times where I make mistakes that pull me away from Him, but the scriptures teach us, that the arm of the Lord is always extended towards us.  Through His suffering, we can find peace, and with His stripes, we are healed.  The church is true, Joseph Smith was and is a true prophet, and the Book of Mormon is the word of God.   Merry Christmas everyone, and Remember Him. 

Elder Wilson

Jimmy got his call to Johannesburg South Africa Mission
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