Monday, September 14, 2015

Book of Mormon

What a great week.  A lot of challenges and a lot of success.  We've been working hard towards improving the spiritual game for the missionaries in the Mukono Zone and we are seeing some improvements.  This week my companion and I have been working hard to find new investigators to teach, and that comes with finding, street contacting, tracting, and referrals.  The bummer thing about that is that you will find people that will get your hopes up and then they end up denying your calls and avoiding you like nothing.  But that is where we are in the UKM.  We are getting towards the end of the year, so we are trying all that we can to hit our goals and work extra hard to do so. 
     Just recently, we had a zone conference in Kampala and the whole focus was on the importance of the Book of Mormon.  We talked about what it means to declare the divinity of the Book of Mormon to everyone.  We have the unique message of the Restoration and with it, the Book of Mormon.  A stumbling block that we have here is teaching people that we are not like these other churches, but we are the true church of Jesus Christ.  Through the Book of Mormon, we are able to give evidence of that.  We discussed a lot about how we can incorporate it more in our teaching and something we learned that everything hangs on the Book of Mormon and I mean EVERYTHING.  And the most important thing we can do about it is gain a testimony of it and share it with the world.
    This past Sunday, Mary got baptized!  She was a referral from two deacons at church and it's just the greatest thing, because these deacons are trying to get all of their friends to come and get baptized.  We also see like 3 more children at church every Sunday.  If we can get the whole church to be like these deacons, we will see the world change for the better and we will see the work move forward.
   Thanks for reading these emails.  I hope someone is getting some good use out of them.  But know that all is well in Mukono and the work is rolling forth and covering not only in Uganda but the whole earth.  Have a great week!!

Elder Wilson

Zone Conference pic
Mary's baptism
Ntambi, Mary, and Kafelo
Eatin big at zone activity

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