Thursday, October 8, 2015

Greenie in the house

What a great start to the transfer.  First week down, and a lot of nice things happening.  This transfer, our district leader got a new missionary.  His name is Elder Ray from Portland, Oregon and he's just full of excitement and energy.  It's really nice to have a greenie in the house, because they bring a bright spirit into the work.  The last time I had a greenie in the house was when I trained and that was like 9 months ago.  We are happy to have him and we are excited to see what he can do. 
     Being with Elder Njoko for another transfer is something that I'm content with.  Being my 5th transfer in Mukono, the time is just going by way too fast.  We've been doing a lot of finding each day and we are looking forward to the people that we will be teaching.  We had one experience where we went to a scheduled appointment with a family from South Sudan, and the jaja(grandma) was the only one there and when she saw us, she screamed and started running everywhere in the house.  She kept speaking to us in Arabic but we had no clue.  Startled me a lot because the last time we saw her she was fine and normal.  I think she might be having some mental problems, but we just push on.  Something else is that language here is different from language back home.  On fast and testimony sunday, a 16 year old Aaronic Priesthood holder stood at the pulpit and talked about a tv show where he gave the dialogue and a good portion of it was saying the f word.  He said it about 10 times, and my mission ears are not accustomed so I was crying inside a little.  I can't really think of anything crazy that happened besides those two experiences.
     Our teaching pool has been a little up and down, but we are making sure that we are consistently finding new people to teach.  Some good things that we have been seeing is that there are youth that are inviting their friends to church and they have the desire to be baptized.  This is great because we have a short supply of aaronic priesthood holders.  George and Mark are two young men that are planning for baptism on the 18th of October (Holy cow it's already october).  Anyways, we are excited to help them come unto Christ. 
     Mission is weird.  You change in a way that you don't realize until you find yourself living in a way that you never knew you could.  I've learned so much on my mission about myself, characteristics and attributes that I've unlocked that make me to become more like Christ.  I love this work and I love the Savior.  He is the Master and I'm on His errand.  Have a great week everyone and count your many blessings.

Elder Wilson

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