Monday, March 9, 2015

Still in Kajjansi 3/2/15

Hey everyone!,
     Today marks the first day of the next transfer and my transfer news is............ staying in Kajjansi again.  Don't get me wrong, this is a super nice area.  But being it my 6th transfer here, I'll be making 9 months.  So, I really need to go out with a bang.  I do though have faith that the Lord wants me to be here still.  And I can't wait to figure out why.  
      Yesterday was an incredibly fulfilling day.  It was the first sacrament meeting at the new chapel.  Barbra who was baptized two weeks ago was confirmed a member of the church and it was just an amazing experience to be apart of.  To see someone grow in their faith and find their love for Jesus Christ and His church is a memorable thing.  On another note, James' two boys, Jordan and Phillip were baptized yesterday!  It was a super powerful experience because James, holding the Priesthood, got to baptize his kids.  They seriously love the gospel.  And I know that the Lord led us to James and his kids.  They are feeling a joy that can never leave even when they have rough times.  The District as a whole had 5 baptisms yesterday which was just an awesome thing.  I'm grateful that I still get to be apart of this district and that there will be so many more opportunities to serve in the next 6 weeks.  
    Also, funny story, we had a dinner appointment with a couple from the branch and they seriously make the best food and a lot of it.  Apparently it was a little too much for my companion and near the end of his meal, one of the buttons on his shirt completely popped off.  Everyone had a good laugh and I kept joking with him, telling him while he's sleeping, I'm going to punch him in the stomach.  He has this really high pitched laugh so,........we have a good time together.
    Email is short today, so I just wanted to say I love the gospel and I love being a missionary, there is this fulfillment that I have never felt before and there's power that comes with it.  I love serving the people of Uganda and the love that I have for them.  This is truly what I'm supposed to do and nothing will keep me from doing it.  I love you all.  Have a fantastic week and continue to be the person you want to be. 
Elder Wilson

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