Wednesday, March 25, 2015

We got RAIN!

So this week was pretty great.  WE GOT SOME RAIN FINALLY.  But the only problem is that after it rains, the sun comes out and gets super hot and humid.  But we push through, no biggie.  This week the letter is somehow short due to time.  But all I just want to say is that I love being a missionary because there is no greater work than this and I am helping God's children return to him.  Also, Hashim got baptized on Sunday, super proud of this guy and his decision to be baptized.  I'm grateful for the trials that my Father in Heaven gives me, because they make me grow.  I learn to become stronger, more patient, and more mindful of the needs of the people around me.  I wish you all a wonderful week full of blessings!
Elder Wilson

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