Friday, July 4, 2014

Week 3 Bennion Heights/Murray Utah

What's up everyone!
      So everything is going smooth right now!  I am currently in my temporary assignment in Murray Utah and I have basically had no time to think whatsoever.  I left the MTC on June 25 and took the train over to my mission and met with President and Sister Moffat of the Salt Lake City Central mission.  My new companion is Elder Goins from Tampa Florida, and he is quite the mission trainer.  Since I am here waiting for my visa, I was told not to buy a bicycle because I won't be here for long.  So they gave me a loner bike, which did not work at all. My first two days were just too much on my mind, basically everything just went whoosh past my head because I just thought it was so strange to finally be in the mission field, in Utah even.  On my third day, oh man, my companion and I got the stomach flu and I was struggling on the bike.  I had to go to the bathroom probably 15 times that day.  And I couldn't ride 20 feet without my bike having to break in some way.  Man, THAT was a long day.  After that, things started to get better.  Since my area and the mission here is very small as a whole, we've been teaching a lot of people, that we see nearly everyday.  Elder Goins and I are working hard to encourage them for baptism. 
     One of our families is a fun family.  What a rambunctious group.  Literally everytime I enter that home, it feels like I'm in a tornado.  We try to teach them in their home, but the kids won't stop screaming and it's hard for the spirit to be there.  It’s a challenge and we are trying our hardest to teach them so they can be baptized.  We took three of the kids to church on Sunday and it felt like baby sitting twelve kids and trying to keep them quiet.
      On Sunday, a miracle happened.  There is a hispanic woman, Chastity, who lives near us that lives with her kids and is trying to find peace in their lives.  My companion has told me that the missionaries have taught her family before, but Chastity always sends them away.  But on Sunday, we were bold with her, telling her that we wanted to teach her kids whether she wanted to be taught or not, and her heart was softened and she said she wants a restart in her life and wants to get baptized.  God works miracles.  She's a single mother with a lot of challenges and Heavenly Father knows her heart.  We already taught them once, and the whole family of 7 is scheduled to be baptized on the 26th of July! 
      I definitely feel like I am growing out here in the mission field and in ways that I never would have expected.  For one thing, my leg muscles are growing (slowly) from all of the biking that I've been doing.  I did not expect to bike at all on my mission and now my companion always has to wait for me cuz I can't bike up a hill without sweating out my shirt and tie. I'm also learning that the gospel is the same everywhere and as missionaries, it's our job to share that gospel to help families and individuals find peace and understanding.  I hope everyone has a good week!  My temporary mailing address is:
Elder Wilson
5565 S 3570 W
Talyorsville Utah, 84129

I love you all!! and keep being the best that you can be!  I promise I'll get more pictures next time!

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