Thursday, July 24, 2014

Week 6 - Taylorsville, Utah

 Ok so being a missionary here is quite the experience.  We go through a lot of different circumstances that help us to grow and be better missionaries so we can bring people closer to Christ.  As I'm studying the scriptures, I'm understanding my purpose more and more each day.  
      Anyways, we had an investigator named Bronson that got baptized on Tuesday!  It took a lot of effort from the family and the mission to get this baptism going because the family had very limited scheduling.  Nevertheless, it happened with the permission from the Seventy.  It was such a great baptism and the spirit was so strong.  This is my first baptism in the field, so it's getting me excited to find more people to help.  
       The family we are working with right now is our biggest priority and their baptism is planned for the 2nd of August.  We are having trouble finding time to teach them because the neighbors are probably the worst people ever.  They even confronted my companion and I, swore at us and threatened to fight with us.  Their reasoning?  They have none; they are just bad people.  But nothing is stopping us from helping this family get baptized.  We even got the mom to stop smoking and all is looking good for these next 2 weeks.
       When in the mission field, you have to enjoy the little things as well as the big things.  We were out looking for people to teach and these 4 guys were playing volleyball at the park.  We had some pretty intense games and we made some new friends.  We shared a little bit about our message and we are hoping to teach them again in the future.  Another day, my companion and I found these guys playing street ball.  We asked if we could join and they agreed.  We destroyed them with our mad skills.  In the middle of us destroying them, one guy accidentally elbowed my companion in the eye and BAM.  Black eye.  But we beat them anyway.  
     So much work in so little time.  But I love it and I'm learning to love it everyday.  Regardless of the crap we get from people, I am learning that I have to stand strong for what I believe, because there will be people trying to tear you down.  I love the Lord, and his gospel.  Have a good week everyone, and don't do anything I wouldn't do ;)

Over and out,
Elder Wilson

Bronson's Baptism!
I finally found Sesame Street

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