Friday, July 11, 2014

Week 4 - SLC Central Mission

So much to be done here in such a small area!  But all is well.  i hope everyone had an awesome fourth of july weekend!  I know I did, because I spent my fourth, tracting, sweating, and trying to sleep with fireworks going off all night.  I'm learning so much though.  The weather has been nuts though.  It's about 100 degrees everyday.  But I feel like it's good prep for Africa.  ATTENTION:  I think I discovered something amazing after a full day of work...  Oreos with nutella.  Try it and your'e welcome. 
My companinon and I have been incredibly busy and it pays off with the Lord.  We have seven people scheduled for baptism and on sunday, we brought 15 investigators to church.  The Lord answers our prayers when we keep asking for families of 6 everyday.  Unfortunately, one family we had on date recently, had a unstable mother, who kicked us off of her property.  All is well though, the Lord works in his own due time.  Everyday, I'm continually strengthening my love for the Savior and the people in this area.  I'm starting to truly understand the importance of this work.  Father in Heaven is giving us so many opportunities to share his gospel, and I believe we are taking advantage of those opportunities. 
This letter is a little short this week, but know that the church is true and the work is real!  Read D&C 6 and try to figure out what sacred gift you have been given.
Elder Wilson
  Ps. on the photos:  Selfies for dayz

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