Monday, February 2, 2015

Birthday Week

Yes my friends!  Mbalamusize!
    This week has been pretty dang powerful.  My companion and I have been working hard to find more people to teach.  And the Lord has blessed us with exactly that.  We have found a couple families to teach and they are prepared for the message that we have for them.  Something else really awesome happened.  Sunday evening, Elder Kapatamoyo and I were trying to think of who we could see.  When we were walking along the main road, I looked down this one ragged street, and while walking I was debating whether we should bother, and then the spirit pushed me towards that direction.  We were looking around down the road and we saw a house that was open, and it just clicked in my head "This one"  We went in and we found a husband and wife at home together.  They were just relaxing and they welcomed us into their home.  They attend the Anglican church near our apartment and we taught them the Restoration.  And they were genuinely interested.  They really wanted to know about Joseph Smith and whether this is a message that they need to act on.  God works in mysterious ways and I'm blessed to be guided by Him. 
     Also, James got baptized!!!  Super proud of this guy.  He is the most powerful man I've taught on my mission so far.  He loves the gospel, the church, and he promises us everyday that he knows the church is true, and I was touched when he requested me to baptize him.  This guy became more than just a recent convert, he became a best friend.  He's one of those people that I will never forget for the rest of my life.  And I show gratitude to the Lord everyday for leading us to him. 
      Something crazy that happened was that apparently a mob tried to break in to our compound when we were sleeping last night.  Luckily our guard/branch missionary leader called the authorities and they got arrested.  And all of the missionaries slept through it.  Goes to show that missionaries work hard.  Plus there's news that the Kajjansi Branch will be splitting and one branch will be attending the newly constructed chapel.  Nutz!  This area is really pushing forward. 
      Anyways, I hope you all have a lovely week and that you stop and look at all of the blessings that the Lord has given you.  And know that the work moves forward in Uganda.
Elder Wilson

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