Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Week of January 26, 2015

Hey Everyone!
     At the close of this last week just wanted to say that the work is pushing forward and Africa is amazing as always.  I had my first week with my new companion from Malawi, Elder Kapatamoyo (last week I accidentally spelled it wrong woops).  He's got that fire and excitement that new missionaries have when they get out of the MTC.  And he's a super powerful missionary for sure.  Being the new District Leader is quite the step up from being trained in the same area.  But it's a challenge that I am truly learning from.  I seriously love my district and we are all super tight with each other.  But overall, missionary work is the best work.  
     Some people that we are working with:
   James, this guy is the most powerful, prepared investigator that I've ever had, and the best part.... we are basically best friends.  Even though he is like 50.  He tells us everyday how much he knows that the church is true and how he feels like his life is going in the right direction.  He's getting baptized this upcoming Sunday so we are super excited for that.  
     Mark is someone that we found tracting and he's such a super solid guy.  He loves us teaching him and he even came to church.  We will be trying our best to help him receive a testimony for himself, especially when his parents are against the church.  
   Anyways, I don't have enough time to write more about who we are teaching but they are seriously super powerful.  
   just wanted to say how grateful I am to be a missionary, because not everyone gets this opportunity.  I feel my testimony growing each and every day and I am loving the people here.  This truly is the Lords work and there is nothing that I would rather be doing.  Have a great week everyone! 
Elder Wilson
Baby Bryce and family.

Me, my companion and Samuel.

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