Monday, February 9, 2015

Just turned 20

What a blessed week!
    My companion and I have been working hard to bring as many people into the fold of God as we can.  Even though we find disappointments here and there, we are never disappointed in the work that we put in.  I've been learning so much from my companion and I've really strengthened my Christlike attributes.  The point of the work is love, love and charity.  When we help others when they are down or struggling, we have to always remember the Savior and how He sacrificed His life for everyone, even those who are not willing to accept His gospel.  I have so much room for improvement and as a trainer, I'm learning so much more about the weaknesses I have, but I also remember that through the Lord, we are able to make weak things become strong.  It all comes from humbling ourselves and aligning our will with the Savior's.  I truly have a testimony of the Savior and the importance of His work.  Now before my mission, I would occasionally have doubts about my testimony.  There were times, where I didn't know for sure of my knowledge of Christ.  But, I have strengthened my testimony so much since then.  The result from seeking that testimony is me going on a mission.  And now I have learned to let questions arise, but never doubts.  This gospel is the power of God unto salvation.  As missionaries, we hold the keys to bringing the world to the knowledge of the Savior and the way we can live with Him in the mansions of the Father.  This email is short, but I want to just say.  Never doubt the Savior.  Never doubt His power, His gospel, and His church.  It is through Him that we can receive eternal life and we can have true and lasting happiness in this life and in the life to come.  I'm so grateful for this calling that I have.  Being a missionary is the greatest thing that I will ever do in my life.  And I know that it will bless the lives of others here in Uganda.  
    Also, just turned 20 so,...... feelin pretty good.  I love you all, have a blessed week and always remember the Savior. 
Elder Wilson

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