Monday, February 16, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day

Hey everyone!
   I hope yall had a superb week.  Everything here is super nice.  The rain is falling, the sun is shining, the tank is clean(Finding Nemo reference), it's been a good week!  Now since it's halfway through Feb, I just wanted to wish everyone a happy valentines day and I hope you all ate as much chocolate as I did, which you probs didn't but that's ok.  
    This past sunday, the stake president of the Uganda Kampala Stake came to Kajjansi Branch to dissolve the branch and to create two new branches.  It was super awesome to be apart of it, because it wouldn't have happened without missionary work and it was amazing to see the fruits of our labors.  Half the members would go to the new chapel and half stay in the old chapel.  As far as the missionaries go, we also have to split to cover both branches.  We don't know the entire plan for it but at our district meeting, it will be all settled. I've been in Kajjansi for 7 months and ever since I got here, I've been waiting for this event to happen.  
    Also, we've been teaching this one nyabo since September.  Throughout the course of that time, she's been on and off about baptism.  And at one point we even stopped coming to teach her.  And then about a month ago, all of a sudden she came to church!  Besides that time of her absence she's been coming to church all of the time, even everyone in the branch thought she was already a member, but yesterday she was baptized and she had such a wonderful experience.  I could just feel through the spirit that her testimony of the gospel was so strong and she was truly happy with the decision she had made.  I'm so grateful, to be apart of the experience of helping her enter into the fold of God.  
     The mission field is an amazing place to be.  and the mission field is more than just being in some part of the world, it's a different state of existence.  With the call that missionaries have been given and being set apart, they are no longer apart of the world.  I was on exchanges with my zone leader and he made an interesting point.  He said, "Can you believe that God takes the most unstable of all of His children at the age we are at and has them do His most important work in eternity" That got me thinking about how much God trusts us with missionary work.  I'm so grateful to be apart of this work force that helps people to have a second chance, that helps them feel loved, helps them to feel belonged, and helps them to return to their Father in Heaven.  I know that there is nothing more important than what Im doing right now.  I wish you all a blessed week and continue to rely on the Lord and seek after the good things that draw us closer to our Heavenly Fathers.
Elder Wilson

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