Tuesday, December 30, 2014

New Years week

Yes my friends!
     I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas full of joy and happiness and love......... AND food.  Don't forget food.  So Christmas was definitely different here in Uganda, but it's also a Christmas that I will never forget.  We visited some recent converts and shared with them the story of Jesus Christ's birth in the book of Luke.  We even sang Christmas carols and we just loved reaching out to those who were alone.  Because no one should be alone on Christmas.  Later, we had like 3 dinner appointments all within 5 hours.  And I just want to add, I ate everything and it didn't come out the way it came in.  Super proud of myself.  But the spirit of Christmas was so strong through out the day.  It's not about the things that you get or the feast you have at the end.  It's about remembering the Savior and the gift He is to the world.  
      So we have been teaching this one sabo named Danson who's good friends with some of our recent converts.  He gained such a strong testimony and He truly loves the gospel.  We committed him to be baptized and yesterday was his day!   Such a strong soul we are so happy to be apart of his big day.  Even, a couple days before, one of his teeth got super irritated and infected.  And we thought Oh no!!!  But it was all good, he toughed it out.  What a beast.  
     Something that I found to be really funny is that when we meet new people and they ask where we are from, I tell them California and every one of them say, "Ohhhh yes I know about California."  Apparently, kids that go to school have California as part of there curriculum.  Even they tell me things that I never really new about Cali.  Nutz.  
    But anyways, now that the New year is coming up, it's time to reflect on the things that you have learned in 2014 and make goals for 2015.  Like for me, I'm making a goal of learning how to cook.  Because I'm getting sick of oatmeal.  But there are other goals that you cannot physically see that can change not only you, but the people around you.  Maybe one of those goals is to meet someone new every day.  Or maybe it's giving a compliment to every person you talk to.  No matter what, make the best of 2015 because it's gunna go like that.   I hope you all have a good and remember that the Lord is always bearing you up and preparing you for something greater. 

Elder Wilson

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