Monday, January 12, 2015

Hot and dry season.

Hey friends,
    What a crazy week!  Sorry I didn't have time to email last week, so please forgive me, and if you don't, remember Christ said so.  Anyways, so much has been happening and time has been flying by.  I've been seeing many miracles in this work and I'm excited to work hard to get more. And in this time of the year, it's the super dry hot season.  The entire month of January is known as the heat stroke month.  That also means a lot of dust because of no rain.  But the work is doing great in this part of the world.
     We truly had a miracle recently.  One night my companion and I had nothing to do for the last hour of the day, but we were inspired to go to the area book and search for former investigators.  As we searched through, we felt inspired to call a man named James, who was taught by missionaries 2 years ago.  We called and he gladly allowed us to come over.  He lives alone with his dog Max and his cat Garfield (great names), and his wife passed about a year ago.  We talked with him and we found that he went through a lot of hard times in his life.  He even told us he got mugged one time and was severely injured in the brain, he had surgery and is partially paralyzed on one side of his body.  We taught him the Restoration, and I could just see it in his eyes that he has found peace and comfort.  The spirit was so strong and by the end of the lesson, his own words "It's true.  I cannot doubt"  We extended a baptism date and when we told him Feb 15, he stood up grabbed a pen, and went straight to his calendar and marked that day as his baptism.  He even came to church and loved it.  This is a divine witness to me that God does prepare his children to receive the restored gospel.  And even the time when he was taught before by missionaries, truly planted a seed in his heart to prepare him to accept the message.  This man has a heart of gold.  And I am more blessed than anyone to be able to know and teach him.  
     Being in Africa there are certain traditions that I am really not used to.  One of them being dowry or like bride price.  In order to marry a girl, you have to pay her father a  certain amount of cows.  There is one old guy we have been sharing with that believes in this tradition and even doesnt understand value of American money.  He said "Ahhh my friend you give me $6 and you can marry anyone of my daughters".  We simply told him that he strikes a hard bargain and when we save up enough money we will marry.  Nutz!
      Anyway, just wanted to wish everyone a happy week and know that God is watching over you even if you are not watching for Him.  Keep an open heart and an open mind and you will find joy in everything that you do.  I love you all.  Remember who you are and what you stand for.
Elder Wilson

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