Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Starting another transfer

Yes my friends,
       I hope everyone is having a good week getting more into the christmas spirit!  I just finished my 4th transfer and now I'm starting another one with a new companion in the same area Kajjansi.  I will be working with Elder Whiteman and I'm super excited about the things we will accomplish for the next 6 weeks.  I'm so grateful to be serving the Lord and have the experiences that I've had.  
      On sunday, one of our investigators Bashir got baptized and he was super excited.  He's been reading the Book of Mormon so much and he loves to learn more about the scriptures.  We teach him and a couple of his friends at his house and so he is the first of many baptisms we hope to bring forth.  Starting this new transfer, we are looking at a lot of solid people in our teaching pool.  I'm super stoked for the work right now.
      Something that I've been learning from my mission is the importance in involving the spirit into my missionary work.  Overall, the difference between a hardworking missionary and a mediocre missionary is whether he/she seeks for the spirit to guide and lead us.  When we focus on putting our will aligned with the Lord's, we can expect many blessings to result.  One of our recent converts, who has been busy with work most sundays, came this past sunday to church and we have been praying to know that no matter what, he needs the gospel in his life.  This past sunday, he bore his testimony to everyone and I truly felt the spirit.  We talked to him later and he said he felt a difference when he came to church compared to when he just worked.  If we continue to involve the spirit in helping him progress, he will be able to be fully converted to the gospel.  
      I'm loving being a missionary because there is literally no other work in the world than this.  I love you all have a good week and know that the Lord is watching over you.
Elder Wilson

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