Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A visit to Rwanda / Zone Conference

Week 4 of the transfer done, and the time is going by way too fast.  Faster than I'd like.  But we had a good busy week.  On Tuesday, we had a zone conference for my old zone in Mukono.  We had a powerful meeting, talking about the importance of grasping how much time we really have on mission.  President Chatfield would stress the importance of obedience and the blessings it can bring.  It was held at the mission home, so we basically had a home cooked meal right after.  Then on Wednesday, we flew out to the beautiful country of Rwanda.  Just a super great trip.  I've missed my old area and I was able to meet with some of the people that I taught.  There's just a lot of happiness, when you find those that you teach live the principles of the gospel that you have taught them.  Thursday, we had our zone conference, and the meeting was filled with really great insights about the work.  One thing that the church is struggling with in Rwanda is finding people that speak English, but we were able to talk over how we are overcoming this challenge.  Afterwards, we had a nice lunch break at this Mexican restaurant called Mezze fresh, it's like the equivalent of chipotle or cafe rio.  So you could imagine that lunch was the highlight of the conference.  But we had a great time and now we are back.  This week will be busy again.  We have a mission leaders council on Wednesday, then Thursday zone conference with Kololo and Nsambya zones, then on Friday, Kabowa zone, then we crack down on transfers.  Loving the work, and the Lord is blessing us.  We went tracting yesterday in our area, and at the very last door of the day, there was a family all together, and let us in and teach them.  We are super excited to go and visit them again.  not much else to talk about, except missionary work is the most powerful and important work in the world.  And there's no way we can fail.  Have a great week!

Elder Wilson

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