Wednesday, April 20, 2016


So, I'm not dead yet.... jokes.  But Sorry I didn't email last week, we were doing a zone conference road trip around Uganda.  Super fun and spiritual time.  We get to work with missionaries from all around the mission, and help them with the concerns they have in their areas.  Plus, President Chatfield is truly an inspired man, his words are always valued by the missionaries.  We got through Lira, Gulu, Mbale, Iganga, and Jinja.  So we've been a bit busy.  The great thing about going to all these zone conferences is that we always learn something new that can help the mission become better.  We have faith that the missionaries will continue to progress throughout their mission, because mission is the university of life. 
     Even this past week we traveled to Ethiopia to have a zone conference there.  Getting there was a little stressful, because we were already late for the flight, plus my companion forgot his yellow fever card, so we had to get him another one at the airport clinic, and then getting in he forgot his passport at the airport clinic, so just stressful trying to make our flight.  But we made it, and upon arriving in Ethiopia, I was pretty amazed at how different the culture is there compared to the culture in Uganda.  I actually didn't feel like I was in Africa, but I felt like I was in the middle east.  The people look different, their language is super different and difficult to learn.  Just a super foreign environment for me.  But it was a great experience.  The missionaries there are super hard working and they are truly there for a reason.  Even Elder Kapatamoyo, my greenie that I trained a year ago is a zone leader there.  Just a powerful guy if I do say so myself.  But the missionaries were eager to learn in the zone conference and have a strong desire to improve.  I love working with these missionaries, because I can always learn from them.  And they show a lot of great faith in the Lord, to go forth and do the work.  All in all, zone conferences are great and we are not even half way done.  Tomorrow we go to Mukono, and on Wednesday we fly out to Rwanda, which I'm really excited for. 
     The work is doing really well, and I'm trying to live up the time that I have.  I always make sure that I don't go a day without learning something new that can help me on my mission and in life.  I truly love this work and I truly love the Lord.  My testimony continues to grow each and every day, and there's no other place that I'd rather be.  take care of yourselves this week, and always count your many blessings. 

Elder Wilson

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