Monday, June 1, 2015


Hey everyone!
    This week has been a little slow considering all of the meetings we had, so proselyting time was cut short.  Nevertheless, we've been seeing some great things happening in Mukono.  We've been seeing that the Lord has been preparing people to receive the gospel but not straight away.  Heavenly Father works in His own time and in His own way.  Something that we have been trying to focus on in our area and throughout the whole mission is to find families.  Throughout our zone, we've been seeing that the missionaries have been finding families and helping them to progress towards baptism.  Even on our side we are seeing potential families that are willing to listen to our message.  Something that we have been doing to really try and help us to accomplish this goal is to pray that the zone may be able to find families.  At our Mission Leaders Council in Kampala with President Chatfield, he talked a lot to the zone leaders about always involving the Lord because it is HIS work, not ours.  Father in Heaven knows exactly where those families are.  He knows exactly what we need and He just waits for us to ask Him.  That is where personal revelation comes in handy.  If we humble ourselves with obedience, hardwork, and reliance on Him, He will show us exactly where they are.  
    We've been teaching some pretty powerful people.  Martin is a school teacher we tracted into and we shared the Restoration with him.  He confessed to us that he has a problem with alcohol and he wants to change.  We've been teaching ever since and he loves reading for the book of mormon.  We are preparing him for baptism next month so it's looking pretty good for him.
     Penny is another that we have been teaching that I have mentioned before.  She was not able to come on Sunday because she was very sick.  But she really loves the gospel and wants to be baptized.  She even told us that she really wants to be a missionary and to share the gospel with others.  Sounds like someone who is very prepared to me.  
     Something that I have been working through at this point in time on my mission is the fact that I have plenty of weaknesses.  Just recently being called a leader, I'm starting to see where my shortcomings are and the things that I need to improve.  Of course they have always been there, but It has been more noticeable lately.  I've learned that no matter what, I'll always be weak in something, if I wasn't there would be no point in my probationary test here on Earth.  I know that turning our weaknesses into strengths can be done only if we put God first in our lives, and when we humble ourselves before Him.  In addition, experience is also required so that we can know how to change to become better.  Right now, I'm focusing on always relying on the Lord in this work.  And through Him, I will be able to accomplish the things He wishes me to do.  Thank you all for being great and have a rewarding week!
Elder Wilson

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