Monday, June 15, 2015

Zone Conference

So, today I have very limited time to email because of the zone conference we had today with Elder Cook of the Seventy!  It was a super spiritual and powerful day.  He talked a lot about how missionaries must work with the members of the church in such a way as if we are married to the members, we make promises together and we work out a way to support and strengthen one another.  He also talked about how conversion is necessary for the work to move forward, to bring about conversion to the gospel of Jesus Christ, we first have to be converted ourselves.  I truly learned so much from him that I am excited to apply all of the information i received.  
    On another note, Penny got baptized!!  The ward was really supportive of her because she truly loves coming to church each sunday and she's creating new friendships in the ward.  She is someone who truly has a testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel.  And a miracle that has happened is that since she has been taking the lessons, her friend wanted to know more about the church.  Penny has been sharing with her, and something amazing is that she told her friend about the word of wisdom and now even her friend stopped taking tea.  Miracles happen when you set a righteous example.  
    I love missionary work and I see my conversion strengthening me each and every day.  I love the opportunity I have to be apart of this great work, and I'm always relying on the Lord to hasten it.  I love you all have an amazing week!
Elder Wilson

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