Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Daily Miracles

Powerful work going on in Uganda
     We've been going through some struggles but we are also seeing many miracles going about.  We have found that the best way to see the work move forward is if we point the blessings out ourselves.  So for my daily journal writing, I've committed myself to write at least one miracle every single day, no matter how big or small.  Later in life when i look back on what i have written i will see that i have seen the hand of the Lord in this work.  
      Probably one of the biggest miracles that we have seen is that on Sunday, we had almost all of our investigators at church.  Father in Heaven has blessed us with people to teach that really want to enter into the waters of baptism.  We feel that people who exercise their faith by going to a church they have never been before.  But coming makes all of the difference in their lives.
    We have 2 that are getting ready for baptism on the 14 of june this sunday.  Patrick and Penny, they are truly prepared to make covenants with the Lord and we see that they truly have that desire to know their Heavenly Father with a certainty.  We are truly excited for them and we cant wait for Sunday!
    Something that i don't do well at is telling crazy stories because when you go on a mission especially a place like Africa, people expect crazy stories, so i don't know if I'm just used to all the craziness or I'm the most boring person, but i will be preparing myself to share interesting stories.  We are all super excited for next monday because Elder Carl b. Cook of the Seventy is coming for  a mission tour.  Super exciting and we will be spiritually blessed as missionaries.  I hope you all have a fantastic week and keep being happy!

Elder Wilson

Pics:  workin at the bakery
          in the sugar cane field,
          me and my companion

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