Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Week of 5/4/2015

Hey everyone, 
   This week was filled with zone meetings and there has been some craziness going on.  But on Wednesday, we had our Zone development meeting which was pretty good.  I gave a training lesson on the importance of being obedient and the effect that it will make to all of the missionarie’s areas.  Then on Friday we had a zone conference with President Chatfield and the AP's.  I seriously love my mission president.  He radiates the spirit and you can just tell that if you are to listen to what he tells you to do, you will succeed.  I also was asked to give a surprise talk about Elder Ellis' talk given at a 2014 General Conference.  So, a lot of talking has been going on.  On top of that, we had a District Leaders Council with the district leaders of the zone.  We talked a lot about how so many missionaries are going to be leaving in the next couple of months and there will be a ton of new faces.  We just have to continue to set the example for them.  
     So something nutz that happened was that the four elders of the district had to keep watch over the sisters apartment for the night.  The story behind it is that the sisters have one key and they hide it in a very concealed place that no one would ever find.  But when they went home one day, it wasn't there so the only explanation is that someone stole it.  So the sisters came to our place, we stay in the same complex, and they told us that they were scared to sleep there that night because there are a lot of theives in Mukono.  So being the elders of the district, we camped out the night in front of their door.  Oh the sacrifices we make as missionaries.  
     So, Isaiah is someone that is being taught by the missionaries, even before I got there.  He is the greatest example of humility because we were going over the baptismal interview questions with him and he got everything right, and then he asked us to forgive him of his mistakes and to tell him where to improve.  Without a doubt this guy is ready for baptism.  Something else that has been hard for us is how people bounce (lie or ditch) us all of the time.  For example one that was progressing towards baptism, said she was gone to the village to visit her sick father.  Then when getting lunch we see her at a shopping complex.  Yesterday, we called her in the morning to invite her to church but she said that she went back to the village, and yet we found her at her place, when we were teaching her neighbor.  The first thing that comes to my mind is Jacob 5 in the Book of Mormon.  The Lord is working diligently to help His children to go, and when nothing is working and no growth is taking place, He asks Himself "What more could I have done for my vineyard?"  So many times I find myself asking the same question.  When investigators choose not to accept and we are working very hard to do all that we can to help them, we ask ourselves what more can we do?  
       Probably the most profound counsel I received from the words of my mission president was in asking what does it mean to be humble?  "Humility is to know that God is real."  Pondering upon that answer, I realize how much that touches my soul and impacts my life.  Humility is not to just be kind or obedient, but it is also to know without a doubt of God's reality.  Throughout my mission and throughout my life, there has been doubt here and there.  And I'm pretty sure I can say that many people feel the same way.  Probably the most important thing that I have learned on my mission is to never doubt.  Never doubt if there is a God, never doubt if the church is true, never doubt.  I love the Savior Jesus Christ, not because someone came by and told me "Hey Christ died for you so you can have eternal life" but because I have learned that Faith is what puts me in the right place at the right time.  I've learned that when we humble ourselves and don't think about ourselves, we understand really why Christ went through the Atonement for us.  I love this gospel, because it is the only thing that will change the continent of Africa.  I love you all and know that I know that God is real.

Elder Wilson

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