Monday, May 18, 2015

Eternal Perspective

Hey everyone,
    Some crazy cool things have been happening this past week.  Something that has been buggin a bit is that we have had a lot of duties that required us to go to Kampala and so we were short some work that we were wanting to put in.  But it's all good.  We have some pretty great people that we are teaching:
    Patrick is a super powerful guy that really wants to be baptized.  He stays very far, probably about a 30-40 min drive on the outskirts of Mukono.  But he comes to church consistently which is a real faith builder.  He struggles with english a little bit, but he's learning slowly slowly.  Also, something pretty cool, he's a rasta man.  But he shaved off all of his dreadlocks.  He loves the gospel and he loves us coming to teach him.  His baptism is next month so we are helping him to prepare for that day.  
      Another miracle happened on Sunday at church.  We noticed that there was a young woman in the congregation that we have never seen before, but she seemed like a member.  We got talking with her and she said that she was being taught by missionaries in Lira which is far north of Uganda in the village.  She is staying in Mukono to go to a university here and she wanted to come to church here.  Penny is her name and she told us that she really likes the church and loves to learn about it.  So we are going to be meeting with her at some point this week and help her to fulfill her desire of getting baptized. 
    Another miracle that didn't associate with teaching was something that helped me to boost my understanding of the power of the priesthood.  A sister in our district was diagnosed with a really severe illness I can't remember what it was called but it was based on the balance of red and white blood cells in her body.  She's been suffering through this for some time and she's been taking medication.  A day before she went to the hospital to get tests, she wanted a blessing from us.  We gave her a blessing and the spirit was very strong in the room and we all could feel that everything was going to be ok.  So we took her to the hospital and she got some tests done.  Elder Chabra, the medical advisor of the mission said he couldn't believe the results.  It was literally a miracle because she was completely normal.  The doctors said that part of it seemed to be the help of the medication and they were just really surprised.  Goes to show that the priesthood really is a powerful thing.  When we are worthy and have the spirit with us, we work miracles. 
     The other day I was reading a super nice talk about having an eternal perspective.  This has been something that I have never really thought about before.  As members of Jesus Christ's church, we know where we were before our lives and what's going to happen after.  We have the eternal perspective.  We know that everything we do in this life determines the direction we take in the life to come.  We also know that the time is sooooo small compared to the rest of eternity.  Something that I thought was interesting was how it compared to people without the gospel how life feels like being stuck in a box, where we only see our birth and death, not knowing what goes beyond these boundaries.  I remember something that caught my attention was when it said "You survived the war in heaven, and now you are battling the war on earth.  To win is to keep an eternal perspective.  I love the gospel and I just pray with gratitude everyday to my Heavenly Father to have this knowledge of an eternal perspective.  Without the gospel, life would be like sitting inside a small box.  The world is in dire need of people with this perspective, because the gospel of Jesus Christ is the only thing that can change cities, nations, and continents.  
     I hope you all have a fantastic week, and know that there will be times when you feel like things are not getting better, but that is precisely what the gospel brings to our lives: improvement.  I love you all, and press forward with faith.
Elder Wilson

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