Thursday, May 14, 2015


Greetings from Africa!
    OK first things first, Happy Mother's day to all you Moms out there!  Strongest, bravest, coolest people on the planet if you want my opinion.  Make sure you get the love and sweets that you deserve.  This week has been quite an experience.  There has been a lot of distractions that come with leadership, but we are doing the best that we can.  We have such strong missionaries in our zone, and we are doing all that we can to invite all to come unto Christ.  
    This past Saturday, Isaiah who we have been teaching got baptized!  He's such a powerful guy and he just really wants a new start, and a new life to follow the truth.  At the baptism, we had a little bit of a problem, the storage tank for the water in the font was super low, so the pressure was also low, so it basically took 3 hours to fill the tank to a decent height.  And by that time, many of the people that came for the baptism had left. But we were determined to get the man dunked.  By the time we started the baptism, very few people were there, but as one of the missionaries gave a talk about baptism and when the bishop gave some remarks, the spirit was felt so strongly and we could just feel the satisfaction that our Father in Heaven had.  
     On Thursday, my companion and I went to Seeta, an area in the zone to go on exchanges with some other Elders.  That morning, we've been getting bounced and a lot of the appointments that they have scheduled were busy at the last second.  But we went around to do some finding and we ran into a woman sitting on her porch and we contacted her telling her who we were.  And she says that she has met with missionaries before.  Soon after 10 min of talking, the rest of the family joined us.  Consisting of a husband, wife, and 7 children.  We got talking with them, and they were actually former investigators.  They were taught in 98 and for some reason the missionaries stopped coming.  Super powerful opportunity that the Lord has provided and we went on to teach them about the Restoration and set a return appointment.  
     Something that I learned this week was about Christlike communication.  I'm finding that as a leader, I'm starting to realize the importance of communicating the way that Christ would communicate.  M Russell Ballard once said that communication revolves around one word: understanding.  I'm learning to respect every single person that I come in contact with, no matter who they are, because sometimes I get frustrated with people who feel that whatever they are doing is more important than the message of salvation.  But agency is given for a reason.  And plus that's life.  I'm loving my service here in Uganda, and I'm coming up close to a year, and I'm freaking out because sometimes I want to be a missionary forever.  I love you all and I wish you a happy fantastic week!
Elder Wilson

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