Thursday, February 18, 2016

Lock down!

   So just an update on this past week, been SUPER busy.  I had a good birthday on Monday, and my district made a cake for me.  Good way to top off my first day of being 21.  The very next morning, we left for our interviews tour.  We traveled up to Jinja on Tuesday, Iganga on Wed, Mbale on Thursday, Lira on Friday, Gulu on Saturday, and back to Lira on Sunday.  Just crashing with other missionaries in their apartments and working with them was quite the fun.  The best part about that is how we get a feel for what all of the areas are like in the mission.  Plus the way we interact and teach missionaries, and how even they teach us some new things, just super great.  Then on Sunday we came back to Kampala.  During the interviews, missionaries got to watch the worldwide missionary broadcast that was put together in Jan.  It was the first time in the history of the Church that something like that was put together for full time missionaries.  We got to hear from Elder Bednar, Elder Anderson, Elder Oaks, President Clayton, Bishop Waddell, and Sister Oscarson.  It was a powerful broadcast, filled with different insights on the fundamentals of Preach My Gospel.  So far, I've watched that thing probably 6 times, and I learn something new every time.  It's definitely something that can really help the missionaries if they are to apply those teachings into their areas. 
     So this next week is the presidential elections in Uganda.  On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, we are on lock down throughout Uganda.  No missionaries can leave their apartments, because we don't want to risk anything.  The people here are crazy about elections, so to take extra precautions, we   want to keep the missionaries away from any possibilities of some shenanigans going on.  So we are going to be quite bored. 
    Nothing else to really update you on.  But I've been reflecting on my personal knowledge of the Savior.  How important it is to come to know Him and not just know about Him.  It takes a commitment to change your own life, and sticking to that commitment, to be able to achieve that knowledge of Him.  The Restoration of the gospel is true, and because of it, we know more about the Savior than any other organization, scholar, or church.  Never take for granted the knowledge you have of the Savior, and strive to know Him even more.  I know He lives, He has restored His church by calling Joseph Smith to be His prophet.  I know that He died, and atoned for us, and is now a resurrected and glorified being.  Stay the course and focus on the little things that bring us closer to Him

Elder Wilson

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