Thursday, January 14, 2016

Green Mamba

Another week gone by, and nothin but zone conferences, paperwork, and reports.  The part about paperwork and reports are a little boring, but the zone conferences we've been having have been super powerful.  The whole theme is unity and teaching simply in our lessons.  We provided some good training that we feel will really help the missionaries to improve in having the spirit more abundantly in everything that they do.  So we still got a couple more to do, so we are looking forward to those. 
     Something else that was super powerful happened on Sunday, we visited the Seeta branch for sacrament meeting, and an old member from my first area came for the meeting.  Brother Richard was pretty less active when I came to Kajjansi in 2014 and he was not consistent in his church attendance.  After talking with him, he said that he has the Melchizedek Priesthood, he is a high councilman for the stake, he went with his family to the temple in JoBurg in December and his son is on a mission serving in South Africa.  He gave a great talk on missionary work and I was overwhelmed with gratitude towards my Heavenly Father about how the church provides opportunities for people to change, and become better.  One of the reasons why I love the gospel.
     Something interesting that happened recently is that we were in our apartment, and all of a sudden I heard my companion say, "Is that a snake????"  So we found a green mamba just hangin out in our hall way.  We heard that it was poisonous so we took some precautions and just squished it's head with a shoe.  In the words of Hot Rod, "well THAT didn't work", had to beat it like 7 times.  We missionaries live life on the edge.
       Nothing else much to report, all is well here and another week is coming to get ready for transfers.  I love you all, stay the course.

Elder Wilson

Reunited with my old zone
Companions (Elder Ruell)
the Green Mamba 

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