Monday, July 13, 2015

Mukono with Elder Njoko

On to another transfer in the UKM.  I'm staying in Mukono and my new companion is Elder Njoko from South Africa.  Currently, my biggest work right now is to get the district settled because everyone in the district is new to the area except for me.  So, I've been up and down and busy busy.  But I'm super excited for this new transfer. 
   Here in the Mukono zone, things are starting to pick up.  This last sunday we were able to have 11 investigators at church at sacrament meeting.  What a blessing.  Especially with the whole 3 hours being super spiritual and uplifting.  We've been able to find new people to teach and we are also helping the other missionaries in the district as they get to know the area.  Just recently there was a wedding for the second counselor of the bishopric in the ward and it was quite the event.  We were able to do some contacting with people and finding even more people to teach.
    I don't really have that much to say, but I'm grateful for the trials and the afflictions that I'm going through.  They are shaping me to become a better missionary and individual.  No matter what, I know my place in this great work and there's nothing more important in the world than what I'm doing now.  I hope you all have a fantastic week and never forget who you are.
Elder Wilson
Just bein missionaries
Friends at the bakery
Seek the spirit pose (feat Elder Ogolla)

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