Monday, July 27, 2015

I Love Missionary Work

Sorry there was no letter last week.  We had very little time so I apologize for the wait.  
    Another great week has passed.  A lot to learn from and a lot of miracles.  This week I was able to focus a lot about patience through the atonement of Jesus Christ.  We've had plenty of finding opportunities and a lot of spritually strengthening lessons.  There is no doubt that I've been working hard to make sure that the zone is achieving our goals, but I'm just so grateful for the opportunity to serve others out of love and not for reasons other than that.  
     Some people that we have met, we have tracted into a couple named Aaron and Rose.  At first, we weren't sure that they would progress at all towards baptism.  But it was such a great miracle to see them both come to church.  And the best part was that they absolutely loved it.  Such a great thing.  The only issue is that they are not yet legally married, so we are working on helping them to get that legalized so they can continue towards baptism.  
    Ntambi Richard is another who's getting baptized even this sunday.  He's been coming to church every sunday and he even introduced us to his mother.  We got started teaching her, and would you look at that.... she came to church.  Just powerful.  I'm really excited to help this family receive the blessings of eternal life.  
     So, there are perks to driving a truck and then there are issues with driving a truck.  A couple of days ago we got a flat tire, but lucky for me, my parents taught me well on how to change a flat.  Considering that no one else knew.  I know, that wasn't the craziest story you would hear from Africa, but it's something.  
      Lately I've been studying and focusing on the importance of following the spirit.  Last night, we had a lesson with a family and one of the girls is having a hard time getting a testimony.  She was commenting on her thoughts about the way she viewed living apostles and a living prophet.  In this lesson, I knew it was pulling the spirit away from the others, but the spirit directed me to Alma 32 where alma teaches about how in order to increase our faith, we need to nourish it.  Even for me I can testify that no one can have a firm testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ if we don't fill our lives with the scriptures, diligent prayer, and consistent sunday worship.  But I know that through the Savior, we can have the opportunity to have that seed of faith grow into a redwood.  I love missionary work.  It's a part of me that will never go away, and I wish that you have a great week filled with small miracles that bless your lives.  

Elder Wilson

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