Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Last transfer

Not really much to talk about this week.  We just finished a transfer and now we are going into my last transfer.  Yikes.  Well, time sure flies.  This past week, we've been preparing ourselves with transfer planning and we have been traveling around to zone meetings in Kampala.  This morning, we just gave out the transfer news.  And for my last transfer I will still be in the office.  Tomorrow, we pick up the new missionaries from the airport.  We pick up 3 tomorrow and then 2 come in the morning on Wednesday, then transfers happen, which is just super stressful.  Plus starting at the end of the week, the office is getting renovated with new tiles and new paint, which means we have to move everything up 4 floors, so that's going to be fun.  Other than that, nothing is really going on, but I want to make a shout out to all those mother's out there.  Happy Mother's day, you're all doing a great job, especially the mom that sends these emails to you all.  She's actually the best.  Have a great week y'all!

Elder Wilson

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