Monday, April 20, 2015

1st Week - New Area

Hey everyone!
     This week was a great experience for me.  A lot of changes, but a lot of blessings coming our way.  Getting to know the area has been awesome and I'm really loving the People here.  We've been working with some people to help prepare them for baptism.  
     Dorothy is an amazing person and she really loves to learn about the church.  the past couple of weeks, she's been saying that she would come to church but something has been coming up.  So we visited her and taught her the importance of keeping the Sabbath day holy.  And can you believe it, she came, and she even came earlier than us.  She loved church and she is excited for the general conference broadcast coming up this weekend.  It was funny though because her only concern was that we sing a lot at church.  She will learn that members of the church don't joke around when it comes to singing.  
       Isaiah is another prepared person that is preparing to be baptized in May.  Apparently before I got to Mukono, he's been having the desire to get baptized, but his only problem was that he was living with his girlfriend.  But just when I arrived to the area, he told us that he found a new place to stay so that he could be keeping the Law of Chastity.  What a powerful guy.  He even came to church and enjoyed the service.  I'm really excited for this guy to get baptized and he's totally prepared to be make covenants with God. 
     Being in a new leadership position, I'm coming to understand the importance of love and confidence in the work.  Sometimes, I think I'm not qualified yet for the position I have, but I'm learning that experience and confidence comes with time, and the Lord qualifies his servants.  My biggest focus is encouraging the missionaries in my zone to do the best that they can and to achieve the goals that the mission has set.  I'm looking forward to the rest of this transfer and I'm loving the time I have on my mission.  I know that this is the most important work that anyone could do.  I was listening to a talk the other day and Jefferey R Holland talked about how missionaries can find struggles and challenges in the work and they don't know why.  He said that part of being a disciple of Christ is to go through just a small portion of the pain and disappointment that He went through.  I know that being a missionary is tough, I admit it's not easy.  But when we focus on the salvation of others and the opportunity that people have to achieve true and lasting happiness in this life and in the life to come, helps us to know how important missionary work truly is.  I'm excited to watch the General Conference Broadcast this weekend and to receive spiritual guidance as an individual, and as a missionary.  I truly love my Savior and the sacrifice that he went through for every single person.  This is His work and it will never fail.  It only fails if we quit. 
      I love you all and have an amazing and fantastic week!!
Elder Wilson
Pic, found a friend

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