Friday, September 12, 2014

So many blessings!

Hello all!
    So many blessings have been found in the work of the Lord.  Elder de Lisle and I have been working hard to bring souls unto Christ and we have been finding success.  Kajjansi is a very fruitful area and there are many people who are willing to hear our message.  
    This past weekend, we had a wonderful baptismal service of a family of 7!  Bosco, Moreen, Sight, Prossy, Sherine, Arnold and Rachel have been receiving the missionary lessons and were baptized on Sunday after church!  We are so grateful for this wonderful family that we were able to teach and bring into the gospel.  Arnold was baptized on Saturday because he was planning on leaving for boarding school so he couldn't be there the next Sunday to be confirmed.  It was a wonderful service and the spirit was so strong.  The branch is so strong in this missionary work and it is a blessing to help strengthen their area.  I'm very excited to continue to help them progress in the gospel.  
      This upcoming weekend, we are having a marriage ceremony in Kololo for Laurent and Narulega.  They don't speak any english so we have always had to bring a member to translate from Luganda.  This past week, we even came to their garden and helped them dig.  (My Dad should be super proud of me considering he was a farmer growing up).  They really want to be baptized so of course we are going to do strenuous work to show them that we really care about them.  Can't wait for them to get married on Friday and then baptized on Sunday!  Super exciting.
        We also have been meeting with a young Sudanese man named James Bol.  He's met with the missionaries before, but he had to move back to South Sudan and lost contact with him.  He really wants to be baptized and he is probably the most prepared guy ever.  We taught him the Word of Wisdom and told him that he couldn't take certain drinks and substances in order to be baptized.  He said he had a question and said "I have never taken any of these things and I never will.  All i take is water."  We said "That's not really a question,...... but the answer is yes."  Can't wait to see this guy progress towards baptism.  
      I'm loving this work and I love helping the Lord bring more of his sheep into the fold.  This is my last week of the transfer so I really hope that I stay in Kajjansi.  I know that there is no greater work than this on the Earth and I know that Christ lives.  Have a wonderful week everyone!  Bera Bulungi!
God Speed
Elder Wilson

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