Monday, September 1, 2014

Life in Kajjansi District - Week 13

Jebale ko,
    Super good week this week, a lot has been happening.  I'm starting to get the hang of how pasty I am.  And i'm truly grateful for the many wonderful experiences I am having.  
     First announcement:  Our good friend Raju James was baptized!  Super solid guy.  Our biggest concern with him was that he has been super busy working with the Census that is going on over here.  We had the baptismal service on Saturday night and he was a little late because of work.  But nonetheless, he made it!  It was a great baptism.  Turns out there wasn't anyone that was available to conduct the service, so I whipped out my conducting skills and put them to work (jk I'm horrible at conducting a meeting).  Anyway, he was confirmed on Sunday and the Branch welcomed him so well.  Everyone is super excited for him to be the new member.  
      Incredible stuff has been happening.  We have been teaching this fisherman Laurent that lives far away but he comes to church every sunday.  We have traveled to teach him and he really wants to get baptized.  The wife however did not want to be taught.  Over time, we have been visiting them and with the help of the branch mission leader, we were got her to have an interest!  And not only that, she came to church on Sunday!!  We were so happy to see her there.  The thing is though, they are not married, and that's hard if you want to be baptized.  So we set a date for them to get married next week by the church and they accepted!! So many miracles with them.  We strongly believe that she got interested because we offered to dig in her garden for her.  She just laughed and laughed.  Apparently, muzungus can't dig.  
     Another family we have been working with has strengthened their testimonies so much in the past week.  Peter and Lynette are super wanting to get baptized.  Lynette has been coming to church every single sunday.  Peter has been accepting of our teaching but we just need him to go to church.  And he did on Sunday!!  He absolutely loved it.  The thing is with Uganda is that marriage is expensive.  So people usually don't get married and they just live together.  So we extended an invitation for them to get married and they accepted!  They are getting married in October!! Super exciting.  
     Highlight of the week:  We went to teach Peter and Laurent and the whole village was throwing rocks at a tree.  Mugala, our Branch Mission Leader pointed out that there was a huge venomous snake in the tree.  The people just kept throwing rocks at it and even Mugala joined in, we just watched from the side because it looked like they knew what they were doing.  Then one guy, SUper interesting fellow, takes a stick and destroys it's head.  We asked him if he eats snakes and he looked at us disgusted like and he went on for 20 min about how we will die if the snake bites us and if we eat it.  He then offered to sell it to us for 5000 shillings.  I told him we only have 500 and he said Ahhh no snake for you.  We said ok and walked away and then he yelled "You have for free!"  Nutz.  
     Anyway,  People... have a good week.  Keep being awesome and know that Uganda is in good hands.... jk I still don't know what I'm doing.  But serving the Lord is what I love.
Bera Boolongi
Elder Wilson

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