Monday, June 16, 2014

Week 1 - June 14, 2014

Habari!!! (Hello in Swahili)  
     Elder Wilson here and I am living the missionary dream over here at the Provo MTC.  So it turns out that my P days are on Saturdays but I only have two P days for the time that I am here.  Getting in to the MTC was a crazy transition and I can't believe how strong the spirit is here.  I am in the 43rd Branch and my companion (Elder Watts) and I are zone leaders.  But seriously, we are literally here for another 10 days and then we ship out to the mission field.  So it's a short assignment, but what a great way to serve the Lord.  I never believed that there would be so many missionaries here but It's just mind blowing.  We had a giant group of newly arrived missionaries meet together on Wednesday, and it turns out that 48% of the missionaries are sister missionaries, which is Awesome!  Getting used to missionary life is not easy, but it truly blesses my life how we pray 50 times a day or how we are literally with a companion all the time.  But I can feel the Lords work here and I am constantly working harder to be the best missionary that my Heavenly Father wants me to be.
       As soon as we got here, they started getting us to practice teaching and man, I never thought teaching would be so hard.  Us as missionaries know so much about the gospel, but in order for an investigator to get it, we have to condense it and make it simple, which is harder than it sounds.  My companion and I have this investigator who we teach named Carlos, we are trying so hard to get him to commit to praying with us there and he's just so hesitant, it kills me sometime.  Elder Watts and I are slowing getting better every day and we can feel the Lord continually helping us to do so.  
       So far, I have seen at least 10 familiar faces around the MTC Campus and it brings me so much joy to see friends taking 2 years to do the Lord's work.  When I got around to first meeting my district, I was pretty late and I felt really awkward at first.  there are 3 other elders and 4 other sisters.  It turns out that everyone in my district is going to Scottsdale Arizona for their missions and I'm the only one going anywhere else.  So you could only imagine how a little out of place I felt.  But there were several situations where our district was involved in introducing ourselves and where we are going, people would be like, "Oh YOU'RE the one going to Uganda," and I am literally the only one on this MTC campus that is going to Uganda.  It's pretty cool at first but then I think about that 28 hour flight by myself with 3 layovers and then it doesn't sound that great.  
         So I leave the MTC on June 23 which is literally like 9 days and i am so excited to start my work in Uganda.  Even though I'm the only one going to my mission here at the Provo MTC, I can't wait to help the people of East Africa come closer to Christ and their Heavenly Father.  It's only been 4 days so there's really not too much to write about, but I hope you enjoy!  Peace Out girl scout.

Yours truly,
Elder Wilson

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